How’s your sex life?

CBD Flower

Research carried out by Remedy Review suggests that use of CBD in the bedroom should be on the up (excuse the pun).

Apparently of the people surveyed there were only a few that had thought of using CBD to help with their sex life.

For those that had used CBD to improve their sex life, there is a whole range of results, but there is one result that really stood out for me and that was that male recipients took longer to reach orgasm having taken CBD whist women recipients got there quicker. Wow, that’s some sort of a result and I reckon makes it worth giving it a go.

How does it work? In a nutshell, the relaxing effect of CBD reduces any anxiety you are feeling towards having sex (you know usual stuff about body image & size) which in turn enables you to overcome your fears, relax and have more fun.

As Remedy Review say “don’t worry, be B CBD happy”

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