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So, why not choose to shop with The CBD Flower Shop today? You’ll benefit from outstanding quality across our range, paired with our exceptional customer service. Start by browsing our products and descriptions, and then completing our quick and easy checkout process. We’ll do the rest!

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At The CBD Flower Shop we want to be your favourite place to browse, shop and order your CBD products, all whilst enjoying a stress-free experience. This is why we’ve invested our time into creating a truly impressive selection of CBD products, offering a range of consumption methods and strengths to ensure there’s something for everything.

Our CBD tea flowers and buds are some of our bestsellers and have been hand selected by us, so trust you’ll benefit from only the best quality items. Our CBD vapes are fast and effective, as well as being discreet and convenient, and our CBD gummies are delicious!

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CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an active and natural compound found in hemp plants that is extracted and used for a number of reported effects, including to manage the symptoms of anxiety and to reduce pain and inflammation. In recent years its popularity has grown immensely as more people turn to this natural, versatile cannabinoid.

Learn more about CBD and how it works with the human body in our guides, which are a perfect starting point for beginners.

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We are dedicated to ensuring that as our customers, you have the best experience possible with our service and products. This is why we only work with trusted manufacturers and high quality CBD products that are sure to impress. Safe, effective and legal, our products have no psychoactive effects and can be used for a wide range of potential results, based on your individual needs and preferences.

Offering the best to our customers has been our number one priority since we started many years ago. Check out some of our recent reviews to learn more about how we stick to this promise and commitment.

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Benjamin WilliamsBenjamin Williams
15:42 04 Aug 23
One of the if not the best cbd flower shops I’ve used. Once forgot something with my order, I dropped them a email and they replied instantly and I had it the next day in the post. Can’t beat customer service like that.
Logan PeelLogan Peel
07:16 17 Jul 23
Ordered from this website a couple times now always fast delivery. Very reliable and they even sent some free pollen just to go the extra mile highly recommended this company for your CBD products.
Kelly WilliamsKelly Williams
11:38 04 Jul 23
Excellent quality cbd products.Best in the UK!! Variety of flavours and reasonably priced
Jccxx CfcccJccxx Cfccc
01:31 22 Jun 23
Buds are now arriving half full, when they were always over weight with no room left in the tub to add more. Poor customer service. unwilling to help nor will they take on board my concerns as if I’m just lying or being difficult. Had the same issue time and time again but I will be sending back my order. Orders are no longer the same as they once were.You can’t open the packaging and if you do you can’t return it.I’ve resulted to weighting them in the pounces and they are all a different weight, given they are meant to all be 3.5.How can you know the exact weight or if it’s extremely dry or too moist without opening then. Which they can seal again on returnSince I told them the bud I really like , I’ve noticed they send that particular one as low in weight as they can , giving you 5 smokes rather than 8 like you once received. One of tue tubs has only one whole bud in, and half of the tub is empty. Shocking . They tub was always over weight and full to capacity.They must only give good customer service, buds over weight and decent quality to customers they like.To send items back they won’t refund or send a free returns label. Regardless if it’s their fault.Clearly I’m not a valued customer.The buds if I’m honest do nothing for me. Can’t taste , feel the difference from the so called limited edition highly priced items to the budget buds.They are tasteless, no desired effects, all smell the same, if they smell at all. They don’t feel or taste like weed. Seems like they are fake buds . Like another review also claims .Buds arriving dry and brittle doesn’t suggest they are freshly picked for an order, like they claim and the moist buds are picked too early.
Jenny FunnellJenny Funnell
15:16 13 Jun 23
Paid money to have special delivery- spent over £100 and the package has been impounded. No number for this business and only online contact. I have no money and saved up for this as I have stress as I have a big exam tomorrow ( June 14 th 2023) and I now have no cbd oil , no money and huge stress.
19:47 11 Jun 23
Long time customer who has seen the quality decline to an unacceptable level. Faulty vapes and unhelpful customer service have ruined this company. Now it feels like a complete money grab following the receipt of two seperate faulty units, and being told that 'they are relaible' which effectively is accusing me of lying.
Vicky BriggsVicky Briggs
14:55 19 Apr 23
First time buying from the CBD flower shop and I'm very impressed! I ordered online and the delivery was very fast, packaging was very impressive. I ordered white widow and AK-47 and the mint chocolate. Not gonna lie I won't be ordering the chocolate again but I don't like dark chocolate anyway. Thanks guys absolutely love it. Very happy with my purchase and I will be ordering again

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