Blue Edition Vegan Capsules (Sativa)


Users of Blue Edition Vegan Capsules say:

I recommend the blue capsules wholeheartedly. Best pain-relievers ever. I suffer from sore knees and back pain I have tried numerous painkillers, weak to strong, and nothing worked and they just cause constipation. In the last week I have suffered from a sore hip and could hardly walk so my latest order included the blue capsules, OMG worked wonders in such a short time. but the only downfall, is the price of the capsules I could really do with the higher strength 250mg but the price is a bit much, so I use the 100mg and if I need a bit extra help, I only have to use paracetamol or ibuprofen nothing stronger.

In the past, I have tried the green capsules, purple capsules & white CBD oil in liquid form and I have found the blue capsules to be more suited to me & I really notice the difference immediately. I have also recommended to friends & family to try these products 🙂

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