Full Spectrum 58.1% (58.5% Total Cannabinoids) CBD Cartridge – Black Cherry Punch


When you want that extra CBD boost this vape cart is just the ticket, and as an extra bonus it gives you all the added benefits you get from the inclusion of the extra cannabinoids (entourage effect) Plus this one is 0% THC.

Through clever blending we believe we have perfectly mimicked the whole plant counterpart:

Black Cherry Punch is technically a hybrid, however us at The CBD Flower Shop think that it’s more like an Indica. This cross of Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie packs an amazing 58.1% of CBD!

Black Cherry Punch has a complex flavour profile that begins with earthy, pine-like notes. These fade into strong fruity and floral undertones with a pleasant and lingering sweet aftertaste. It’s perfect for artistic inspiration and creativity.


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