As a result we are delighted to bring to you our hand selected, award winning, flower strains.

Our aim is to provide you, our client, with the best experience you can have from choosing your product through to using it. We want to make it easy for you to buy CBD flowers and CBD buds from us and for you to be absolutely bowled over by the service, quality and price. The CBD Flower Shop wants to be your go-to site every time you want to buy CBD Flowers or CBD buds.

Christmas Delivery & Opening Times

Monday 23/12 – 10am–6pm
Tuesday 24/12 – 10am–2pm
Wednesday 25/12 – CLOSED
Thursday 26/12 – CLOSED
Friday 27/12 – CLOSED
Saturday 28/12 – CLOSED
Sunday 29/12 – CLOSED
Monday 30/12 – 10am–6pm
Tuesday 31/12 – 10am–2pm
Wednesday 01/01 – CLOSED
Thursday 02/01 – CLOSED
Friday 03/01 – CLOSED
Saturday 04/01 – CLOSED
Sunday 05/01 – CLOSED
Monday 06/01 – 10am–6pm (Return to normal)
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