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Wedding Crasher Strain CBD Cartridge – Full Spectrum 52.9%

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Get ready for the ultimate CBD experience with our Wedding Crasher vape cart!

  • Packed with an incredible 52.9% CBD content
  • Our clever blending includes minor cannabinoids for the entourage effect
  • Delicious flavour of wedding cake and grapefruit
  • This strain will have you feeling dreamy and mellow, making it perfect for a night time use

Don’t miss out on this incredible product – try our Wedding Crasher vape cart today and experience the ultimate CBD journey!


52% CBD

Full Spectrum

Price per gram

0.5 ml


Are you ready for an unforgettable CBD experience? Look no further than our Wedding Crasher vape cart, packed with an incredible 52.9% CBD content for the ultimate journey. Our expert blending includes minor cannabinoids for the entourage effect, enhancing the overall effects of the CBD. The delicious flavour of wedding cake and grapefruit will tantalise your taste flowers, making this vape cart perfect for a night-time use when you want to relax and unwind.

Our Wedding Crasher vape cartridge is a fantastic option for those on-the-go who want to experience the benefits of CBD in a discreet manner. With 0% THC and 52.9% CBD, this 0.5ml, 510 thread vape cartridge provides a smooth, clean flavour with every pull. The cartridge fits any 510 thread vape, making it easy to use and transport.

We are proud to offer full-spectrum CBD distillate in our Wedding Crasher vape cart, ensuring that you experience the full range of benefits that CBD has to offer. Our product also contains PG Propylene Glycol, VG Vegetable Glycerin, natural and artificial flavours, and terpenes for an enhanced experience. With 0.5ml in each cartridge, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD whenever and wherever you choose.

At The CBD Flower Shop, we believe in providing high-quality products to our customers. That’s why we take great care in selecting the best ingredients for our Wedding Crasher vape cart. We use only the finest quality CBD distillate, ensuring that you receive the full range of benefits that CBD has to offer. Our product is also free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of CBD without any unwanted side effects.

Our Wedding Crasher vape cart is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality CBD experience. With an impressive 52.9% CBD content, a delicious flavour profile, and a smooth, clean vaping experience, this product is sure to please. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply want to experience the benefits of CBD, our Wedding Crasher vape cart is the perfect choice. So why wait? Try it out today and experience the ultimate CBD journey!

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Additional Information


  • Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
  • PG Propylene Glycol
  • VG Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural & artificial flavours
  • Terpenes

0.5 ml cartridge

Fits 510 thread vape

60% Wedding Crasher 0.5ml £14.99 / 1ml £20.00


  1. Very overpriced given the effect lasts so short. 0.5ml only lasts a few days, and I certainly wouldn’t describe the effect as strong.

    Darren Wilkinson

  2. Great for evenings, helps my mind not wonder.


  3. 5 stars for relaxation but 3 for taste as I found this one had a chemical taste

    Rebekah Heminsley

  4. Really mellow and chill will definitely get again

    Josh Garner

  5. It’s stand as it says in description definitely a sofa crasher , tasted beautiful helped me with my sleep and relaxing at night will be defoe buying buying again 100% recommended!


  6. Well it stands as description says its a c
    Sofa crasher 😀 anyway tasted beautiful last me for long definitely helped with my sleep and relaxing at night after long day at work would 100% recommend it!


  7. Super fast delivery, not harsh very discreet smell and feel lovely and chilled ?
    Will be ordering again.

    Hywel Parry

  8. Unfortunately my first order arrived broken but the CBD flower shop team sent another out so quickly which was great as it was a birthday gift. Absolutely amazing customer service. My mother is a big fan of this product & I have tried it myself. It is very calming & has had a great affect of easing pain.

    Amy Tunningley

  9. Very good! After purchasing a well respected brand of CBD liquid from a different site a while ago I gave up on eliquid, it was awful with no effect. But when I saw this site began selling an eliquid I decided to try it as I have never had a bad product from thecbdflowershop. I’m glad I tried. I vape nicotine liquid and thought .5ml would disappear after a few hits… NOPE! I’m actually more surprised by how long it lasts than I am by the obvious effects. I purchased the smartcart pen from here at the same time, that’s what I’m using so can’t say what it’s like on a different device. It is a bit harsh but I think that’s common for CBD eliquid. I take roughly 5 second draws, after that it begins to make me cough. It isn’t a lingering cough tho, just one or two coughs and I’m fine, good to go again. This isn’t an issue, just want to let you know what to expect. A few days after buying this I noticed a new, higher percentage cartridge on offer here (which is now in the post with my name on it alongside some lemon gelato wax : ) can’t wait!!! Buy it, buy it now

    Lynda Moss

  10. Ok so a bit sceptical. I have tried CBD vape before and not a lot has happened. Gave this a go!!! Haha all I can say is it’s definitely an evening vape. Ok the taste is not up too much but I didn’t buy it for the taste test. I bought it for the effects. At the present I am very relaxed, my mind doesn’t wander oh and I can’t feel my legs ? A tad expensive but you get what you pay for ?

    James Blackwell

  11. This is my new favourite product, means I have pain relief even throughout the day (I don’t like to smoke during the day, so vaping instead).
    It has been a huge help to me, especially on bad pain days. I have tried soooo many cbd vapes, I haven’t found a single one that helped, was absolutely over the moon to see that they where being sold on here.
    I tried it and within 30mins or so, I could feel that my pain was dissipating, other vapes have never touched my pain. Obviously won’t be buying my vapes anywhere else EVER! lol

    Amy Ulliott

  12. Such a great little vape and oil so discreet and tasty. Works wonders proper chills you out, too much for daily use best used at night lol.


  13. lovely and mellow perfect to keep me relax and feeling stress free and no anxiety cant wait to order more

    louise kane

  14. Wow what a great product, super chilled out, maybe a little too much chilled for day use. Highly recommend for all who are ADHD or people who are looking to kick the bud habit. Thank you CBD flower shop xxx

    Neil Heath

  15. Ordered yesterday as I saw it advertised on Instagram.
    Amazing site and I buy plenty of bud but thought I’d give this a go. I wasn’t disappointed. Amazing flavour and smooth draw. Left me feeling full body relax and a super chilled mellow head buzz.
    Too strong for most for work break though haha! Save for the evening to chill.

    Matthew Beaven

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