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Once it’s gone, it’s gone..
Blueberry is a Indica Hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. It is a three-way cross between an Indica Afghani parent, Sativa Thai and Purple Thai variant parents.
Originally developed in the 80’s, Blueberry has since gone on to win top marks in the 2000 High Times Cup for Best Indica and Best Strain overall!
Blueberry is distinguished by an unmistakable fresh blueberry smell and taste that has made it one of our enduring favourites.
Flowers of this strain are small and densely-packed, as expected of a CBD Indica-Dominant variety.
We found upon breaking open this beautiful lady she gives off some more complex scents of spice & musk with sweet blueberry gas.
This Connoisseur Club Flower packs a punch with a CBD content ranging between 15% – 18%!
** Please note this is a new batch from previous**




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Blueberry is a Indica Hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. It is a three-way cross between an Indica Afghani parent,  Sativa Thai and Purple Thai variant parents.
Blueberry is distinguished by an unmistakable fresh blueberry, with small and densely-packed flowers.


  1. 10/10 do not miss this one!

    Callum Freeman

  2. Great flavour you can taste the blue berry and it’s got a good relaxing kick to it. Some of the best CBD around. If you like flavour can’t go wrong with this.


  3. Tried loads of hemp strains and this onee is an amazing example taste so good ABIT blue cheesy sometimes and effects are sweet as

    bradley edmondson

  4. One of the best i have had so far, i’m a sucker for anything that has blueberry in it and this is a nice one. Great flower, nice terps, well grown and clean.

    Samuel Broady Walker

  5. Very tasty smells amazing good job again! 👏


  6. It smell like blueberry muffins taste a bit of the smell and a bit earthy as and quick delivery as always

    Chris Harris

  7. Not sure whether I got a bad batch but I felt like this did nothing for me. A shame because I tried the Grandaddy Purple and loved that.

    Rhianna Johnson

  8. Really smooth and easy to vape. It’s not got a strong and overpowering blueberry taste, more like an aftertaste which is really nice. Definatly reccomend

    Charlotte Rich

  9. Really smooth taste, one of my favourites.


  10. 1st time buying and knocked my expectations out the park. When I’ve tried other CBD in the past I felt like it didn’t do much to nothing at all. This actually works, nice n relaxing, hits smooth and smells amazing. About to order some more ??

    Katalina Morgan

  11. Lovely taste, defo my favourite by far! Great buds too!


  12. Not to bad still would prefer og kush

    Danny James

  13. This stuff is next level good, great flavor, great effects. Would rate 6 stars if possible.

    Nikolas Greer

  14. This is wonderful. Lovely taste. Definitely my fave so far!


  15. This is by far the tastiest I’ve tried from you guys. Great flavour, great smell. Love it!

    Ryan Casey

  16. Blueberry muffin is amazing,

    Ricci-Dean Read

  17. Very fruity lovely smell nice relaxation feeling

    Charmaine Coles

  18. This is the best tasting flower I have ever tasted pls stock this again soon I’m craving this flavour


  19. Best for flavour, would highly recommend

    Sheena Downie

  20. Please put this on the menu permanently best tasting one full stop and I’ve had them all verry relaxing feeling stopped the anxiety in its track highly recommend


  21. Excellent.


  22. Taste incredible and looks absolutely stunning!! You will NOT be let down with this bud


  23. Glad i got to try it, amazing tasting bud


  24. The flavour is amazing! kinda tangy in a good way… Lovely relaxing vibes as well

    Mr Dubz

  25. Excellent product and service, love this one

    Olivier Dambron

  26. amazing tasting bud! tastes just like blueberry!

    Tyler Lawrence

  27. Top tasting quality buds, very relaxing and helps me get a good nights sleep


  28. This is the tastiest I’ve had so far, would 100% reccomend it


  29. Fair play with this one ?! Just like cheese has the dank smell and looks phenomenal. Great effect these nugs are stinky / sticky and taste 10/10 coming like Cali flower


  30. Wow wow wow This is awesome ? I really enjoyed the taste.smell.and the relax feeling it gives. 10/10 .Great bud well done cbd flower shop I applaud ? you


  31. Make it a permanent menu item please! Great taste, nice effect, and not too much of a potent smell lingering about either.


  32. It’s a very nice taste and smell. not heavy on the throat.Helps with appetite. Relaxes the body and mind. Puts a smile on your face and at the end of the night it tucks you up in bed.
    Thanks again guys. Andy.


  33. Wwooowww. Amazing. Just incredible. One of my favorite. Will get more and more

    Jara Rodriguez bravo

  34. Blueberry smells and tastes just like berries. Really sweet but a bit earthy but not too much. My fav strains are pinneapple crush and strawberry cheesecake for their sweet tastes and uplifting effect. I really love this blueberry one though as it’s a bit stronger but still tastes sweet and yummy. Please add this to your permanent strains if you can. It’s probably one of the best!!!


  35. Just recived my 2nd lot this morning came next day, Top notch flower its a very nice strain , by far the best flavour, smell, effect iv had from any cbd product. Would be happy to see this a regular strain on here!! This and gelato are my fav’s also the kush strains

    Luke Harris

  36. Incredible flowers! After trying quite a few other strains from here over the last year this has certainly been my favourite for flavour and effect. Dank blueberry taste with some cheese notes coming through.
    Please keep restocking this one!

    Chris G

  37. SO good I ordered another 14gms

    Jimmy Bee

  38. Please keep this strain coming ! Best product yet. Tastes are beautiful blueberry but also an oldschool cheese / blue cheese taste that is great.

    Ricci-Dean Read

  39. Tried this and the ak and this is by far better for me! Great flavours, not such a harsh taste but a good chilling one! Buying more before it goes!


  40. By far the best cbd product ive had upto yet, It has alot of flavour and lovely sweet fruity smell. Top notch buds. Gutted iv missed out on ordering more FML 🙁

    Luke Harris

  41. I wasn’t going to leave a review just in case you lot bought it all ? One of the best yet. Fresh, smells beautiful and full of blueberry flavour. Very relaxing . Works on the whole body. I suffer from CPTSD and CBD really helps me unwind and helps me forget the horrors that I have seen. These guys are the very best at what they do. They even threw in an extra gram!!! Get this before it sells out. You will not be disappointed ?

    Jimmy Bee

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