Full Spectrum 53.5% CBD Cartridge – Strawberry Cough


When you want that extra CBD boost this vape cart is just the ticket, and as an extra bonus it gives you all the added benefits you get from the inclusion of the extra cannabinoids (entourage effect) with trace THC content of 0%.

Through clever blending we believe we have perfectly mimicked the whole plant counterpart:

Strawberry Cough descended from a cross of a haze cultivar and an unknown runt that had supposedly been grown near a strawberry patch. The strawberry flavour is undeniable in this profile, it’s as if you are right back in the field where the first plant came from. Notes of pine, pepper and spice can be detected below the strawberry surface.

Giving you the option of daytime or night time use, with a good 60% CBD content. Strawberry Cough will help you reach the right place.

We have gone all the way to America to team up with Verified® to create our own custom Verified® Vape Cartridges.

Verified® is considered to be one of the top Vape product manufacturers in the world. We can assure you will be getting the best of the best quality with this cartridge.

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