Original Edition CBD Balm (Hybrid)


Users of Original Edition CBD Balm say:

Just wanted to give a massive recommendation to The CBD Flower Shop. I bought my girlfriend who suffers from a bad case of eczema a little tub of CBD body cream and it cleared it up about 60% overnight, now a couple of weeks later its very nearly all gone, if it wasn’t for the fact she keeps re-aggravating it at work (she works with animals & hay & other irritants) it would be completely gone! We’ve tried dozens of creams & things over the years but this has worked a treat! 100% worth the purchase! Thanks, CBD Flower Shop

This cream is amazing I recommend it to anyone who has any bone pain, unbelievable!! Well worth a try, you got nothing to lose but Pain!!!

Used the balm now for 2 months on my back to ease the pain from chronic back pain after facet injections stopped and found this a great help in keeping the spasms at bay, thank you for a great product.

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