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Introducing Cup Winner Chocolope, the ultimate sativa hybrid that will blow your mind!

  • This exquisite strain that has won multiple awards
  • Crafted to perfection by talented breeders
  • Unbelievable trycone coverage that almost gives the flowers a shimmering silver appearance

Whether you’re looking for a boost of energy, enhanced focus, or simply a moment of relaxation, this product has got you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Chocolope – place your order today and elevate your CBD journey to new heights!”

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Introducing Chocolope CBD, a premium CBD-only product that offers the ultimate sativa hybrid experience. This exquisite strain has won multiple awards and has been crafted to perfection by talented breeders.

This versatile product can be enjoyed in a lovely cup of tea which makes is easy to incorporate Chocolope CBD into your daily routine effortlessly.

When it comes to taste, Chocolope CBD delights the senses with a fantastic aroma of chocolate and caramel, accompanied by a subtle haze smell. It offers a sheer joy to the nose, making the experience even more enjoyable.

The effects of Chocolope CBD are truly remarkable. This strain provides a clear, calm, and relaxing body effect, allowing you to unwind and find balance. Whether you’re in need of a boost of energy, enhanced focus, or simply a moment of relaxation, Chocolope CBD has got you covered.

As a sativa hybrid strain, Chocolope CBD offers the best of both worlds. It combines the uplifting and energising effects of sativa strains with the soothing and calming properties of CBD. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking to elevate their CBD journey to new heights.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the magic of Chocolope CBD. Place your order today and discover why this strain is one of the best on the market. Elevate your senses and find your bliss with Chocolope CBD.


  1. Really nice flower and great weight too will defiantly be recommending this one
    delivery and packaging super fast and discreet amazing customer service


  2. Very relaxing


  3. Absolutely amazing stuff. Just like the original bud but no high or munchies. Really relaxed and motivated at the same time. 10/10

    Amanda Shelley

  4. i think i have discovered my fav strain <3


  5. Best about ??


  6. Have to say of all the CBD products I have tried for pain relief and calming this is the best. Well produced and cured, will be something I order again

    Matthew Walton

  7. Really nice product and perfectly and discretely packaged, which was important to me. Great odour and flavour and just like the other two strains I tried, you could tell the flower is grown and prepped very professionally. Never had CBD this good and I’ve tried a lot of different websites. Going to order again 100%

    Mark Daly

  8. It was the 1st medical that I have tried. I am really suprised by his calming effect. I instantly stopped shaking. Love the smel as well.

    Robert Lasek

  9. Really nice buds with a distinctively chocolatey aroma. Quick acting, calming, & I got the munchies! This led to even more chocolate!! Very good indeed with dense flower buds & easy to use/break up (I don’t much like grinders). Recommended.


  10. Very nice flower and smells lovely and great effects i would recommend this Strain.Plus it was overweight so more than happy.


  11. Really nice flower, great affects and a real calmer for me! Definitely recommend this strain

    Kieran Lees

  12. Very tasty,just as good as the original.helping me quit the thc ?

    Dan Clarke

  13. Super quality, dense buds that crumble and smell divine, if you like your sativa strains this is spot on. Effects are strong sativa so a wonderful day time. Chocolate favour is present but no overwhelming. Almost a fresh nutty wood pine smell. Iv’e sampled half the strains on offer and this is up their with the best. Excellent service, packing and delivery time unmatchabel, an immensely satisfied customer, I recommend this vendor over any other in the UK. Many thanks, great service CBDFLOWERSHOP 🙂


  14. Excellent sativa. Perfectly dried and manicured. Unadulterated and resembles photo. Taste is smooth but the effects are awesome, energizing yet anti anxiety. Very happy new customer impressed by packaging and delivery.

    Steven Dixon

  15. Cant fault the product came looking just like in the picture covered in trichomes always overweight too


  16. The smell takes me back to the good old days. I suffer with gout and this has helped ease the pain so much. Thank you ?

    I jenkin

  17. Nice bud, very fast delivery.


  18. Excellent quality – was worth a try, it does taste very smooth with hints of chocolate.


  19. Very good one, I am very impressed. It smells wonderful and it’s so smooth, it tastes very nice!!

    Andrea De Felicibus

  20. all aspects good. High quality bud, nice effects, good taste, premium packaging, quick delivery and freebee included. Would buy again 100% but interested in other strains

    Andrew Bennett

  21. Lovely flavour and one of the smoothest I’ve ever had, at a pretty cheap price also. Delivery was also very quick, only took 2 days since it was dispatched. I’d definitely buy this strain again if there wasn’t so many to choose from on here.

    The Scottish Reaper

  22. Bangin! Lol another proper tasty strain and also the first strain I tried from your shop was amazed at the flavour admittedly when I first ordered I wasn’t expecting as much flavour as your flowers have they’re incredible 🙂

    David morris

  23. My favourite one yet well worth it

    dylan Boyle

  24. well here is your answer, nailed it isn’t the word, the calming feeling and body relaxation is spot on, and the sweet taste from this beauty is exactly as it says on the tin, personal favourite of mine

    Mr b D todd

  25. Ordered 14g of the chocolope this time and Wow just wow! Beautiful buds recieved really AAAA Quality! Love the tubs small and large very handy! Great service great products if you have a THC dependancy these flowers can really help! Thankyou all involved!???


  26. Buds were nice one 3.5g pot was alot nicer than the other in terms of quality of flowers one pot AA the other AAAA. Would definitely be 5star review if consistency was the same. Lovely Aroma nice smooth tasty my bed time choice out of the 4 strains ordered. Will order again and hope to get the AAAA Buds?☺


  27. I’m more than happy with my order, exceeded my expectations


  28. Great product. Buds arrived really quickly ( ordered Friday, received Monday)
    They look and smell amazing, and have good trichome coverage.
    the taste reflects the aroma, nice and smooth with fruity undertones.
    Very relaxing high for the body and mind without the groggy, couch-lock effect I get from THC.
    Will definitely be ordering .

    Ben cowling

  29. Amazing strain. Perfectly cured, tasty, very relaxing. Great products all the way. Highly recommend !

    Cezary Rosiewicz

  30. Nice product same as described, has helped ease my pain an anxiety as well as giving me a goodnight sleep. Nice one guys keep up the good work.?

    Bruno John

  31. Fantastic quality in freshness and taste! Happy customer! Many thanks.


  32. Loved it! Haven’t been as creative lately but after picking this up I’ve been the most productive I have been in a while. Lovely calm and serene feelings


  33. Honestly – one of my favourites. A really nice uplifting effect.


  34. I have chronic inflammation and pain from rheumatoid arthritis and also suffer with anxiety. What an amazing product! Melts away anxious thoughts and stress within seconds and gives a positive and motivated feeling, I also sleep so much better after using. Definitely helps control my pain and inflammation, it gets to work soon after I use it and effects carry though to next day. Tastes fab too. So happy I discovered cbd flower, Thank you!

    Jessie Morris

  35. This one is quality, definately relieves you from feeling blue. One of the best ones i have tried on this site

    Harmeet Bagri

  36. Totally recommended! Great taste and good relaxation.


  37. Very very nice! Tasted and smelt great!


  38. Amazing taste, really calming and relaxing


  39. Great bud, amazing flavour and smell. Delivery was super quick and hassle free. Will definitely be ordering more!! ?????


  40. Amazing! There was a very clear chocolate smell when I opened the tub and a nice choclatey taste. Would highly recommend.


  41. So far chocolope for me has been the best tasting so far. So sweet and just?? I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Jessica Brome

  42. My favourite strain from the CBD Flower Shop. I’m all about Sativa strains, they really give me an uplifting and slightly euphoric feeling and Chocolope is my favourite. Lovely taste too.


  43. I ordered a gram of Chocolope to try with my last order after reading positive reviews. I’m glad I did. The taste is quite different to anything else I’ve had and the effect, for me, seemed to be relaxing but quite uplifting at the same time.
    Another winner from The CBD Flower Shop.


  44. Very smooth tasting and as the name suggests has a lovely taste of chocolate. Brought about a feeling of relaxing bliss, a great stress reliever for any time of day.


  45. thanks for the product,
    Very relaxing loved it.
    I recommend

    Jaime jardim

  46. Nice flower. Tastes good


  47. A smooth with a lovely aroma. Very relaxing and quick effect. The service and quality from The CBD Flower Shop are much better than other shops I’ve tried and now I won’t be buying from anywhere else!

    Tracy Robinson

  48. Very good cbd bud and the company is very good with delivery keep up the good work!!


  49. I’m back for some more of this nice nug.


  50. Incredible smell – if I open the mason jar I keep it in for just a few minutes when taking some out, my room smells great for hours! I found this one calmed my anxiety and cleared my head in a way which allowed me to understand my mind (based on skills already learnt through well informed meditation and mental health practices) from a new perspective.

    Daniel Jones

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