What Are Various Types Of CBD?

Are you just starting your CBD journey and are wondering “what are the various types of CBD”? If you wish to find out more about the many various types of CBD before trying any yourself, you are in the right place, as that is what we are here to discuss.  

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Types of CBD

While you might have heard of the term CBD as it rises in popularity, you might not be entirely sure what, exactly, CBD is and how many types there are. CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is one of the compounds found in the hemp plant – the other well-known compound is THC. While THC is the compound responsible for the euphoric high experienced with marijuana, CBD doesn’t induce this feeling, making CBD products with negligible levels of THC non psychoactive. 

These different variations of CBD are produced when different methods are used to extract the CBD compound from the hemp plant. These varying diffusions result in a range of CBD types, and we will discuss these in a little more detail for you below. 

Whole Plant CBD

While some CBD products only extract the CBD, whole plant CBD utilises the entire spectrum of hemp compounds, which includes essential terpenes, flavonoids, waxes, and oils. While this makes it a premium product, it is often too thick and unrefined for regular use.  

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD is one of the three types of CBD derived from the hemp plant. This is a substance that contains all of the extracts that are normally found in the cannabis plant, which does include very small amounts of THC.  

The compounds naturally found in the hemp plant, which are also found in full spectrum CBD are cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. There are more than 150 terpenes, which can affect the plant’s fragrance, and there are around 20 flavonoids in the hemp plant. These are all found in full spectrum CBD. 

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is another of the three various types of CBD, and this is a product which contains various compounds and cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including cannabinol, and terpenes.  

Broad spectrum CBD differs from full spectrum CBD in that it typically contains zero THC, but some products will contain trace amounts. Broad spectrum CBD falls between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate (pure CBD). 

Pure CBD

The final type of CBD is pure CBD, also known as CBD isolate. This type contains no other cannabinoids and is derived from hemp plants. These typically contain very low amounts of THC.  

CBD isolate is a crystal form of CBD, and it is often ground up and sold as a powder. As such, it is sometimes called CBD crystals. 

Our CBD Available

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